I have begun to build our castle and to believe in it.  It is to be a home for us, I am firmly convinced of that.  There are to be a thousand rooms so that we can keep on discovering and recognizing new ones in ourselves;  to be comfortable in. 
There are to be many windows through which we shall always keep an eye on the world outside,  to that we shall not forget what is important to us and what we aim to achieve. 
We have to be constantly on alert so that nobody will destroy what we have built, and above all that we won't destroy it ourselves. 
My castle has to remain there forever, or I shall be very sad.

My heart will always stay in part of my castle, just as your heart will keep a piece of it. 
That is why our hearts have to cling together.  What would we do with half a castle? 
And if we firmly believe it, our hearts shall remain together.
No matter how far our bodies are apart -  most important is the castle. 

And if our bodies will be close together, we will experience paradise... our very own little paradise in a magnificent castle.