A big rain will come.  It will  tear down everything, flooding  your entire life. 
But in the end it will make your life more fertile, your innermost core remaining untouched.  With the rain only a memory, it still will nourish you. 
Thinking back, I remember distant sounds and ancient nights. 
I reconstruct.  
My recall is crystal clear.
Your entire life you will not forget this special rain, for it remains inside you for eternity.
By virtue of your inner abundance and inner wealth, your every movement shall always remind you of that rain. 
That flood that has filled your entire being and has demanded nothing in return.  It made everything inside you grow. 
Everyone should be allowed to enjoy that rain - I begged for it.  
I always believed to have loved, hated, thought to have lived my life.
It was nothing but deception, I always longed for that rain.  Often strangers shared with me some of their rain, but it never has led me to true happiness, only to moments of happiness that let me forget my loneliness. 

Then the rain came.  I was unprepared, surprised by it. 
I anticipated perhaps a drizzle, but not the big rain.  Penetrating every fiber of my being, it took away all my sorrows. It made me happy and I swayed in the waves the rain created within me. 
I swayed in you, for you have been my rain.  You gave me strength, filled me with your happiness.   
You enriched my very thoughts,  gave me a piece of the world.
Now you are gone again.  By thinking of you, I keep on growing and I know, you are my big rain that left its waves within me. 
You shall keep them moving, always. 
That I beg of you. 


Castle of Love